The first studio photo of the new painting "Hokule'a Leads"

The first studio photo of the new painting "Hokule'a Leads"

"Hokule'a Leads"

The Hawaiian sailing canoe Hokule’a sails through the darkness with her sister canoe, the Hikianalia, following in the distance.

In the sky above shine the two stars the canoes are named after. Hokule’a is the Hawaiian name for the star Arcturus and Hikianalia for the star Spica. These two stars rise together only in the latitude of Hawaii, showing the way home for the early Hawaiian navigators.

The current worldwide voyage of these two vessels is called Malama Honua, “caring for our island earth,” something the Hawaiians had a unique gift for. They understood the interconnected dependency of all living creatures and their role in caring for its balance.

“Hokule’a Leads” is calling us home to rediscover the principles and practices that enabled the early Hawaiians to rightly care for their island home - principles founded in the belief that all life has inherent value, a purpose within the whole, and because of this, is worthy of protection and nurturing by showing love and respect to one another and the world around us.